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Summary of Code Requirements

The NFPA dictates that 99% coverage is required in critical areas and 95% coverage is required in general areas. Critical areas are determined by the AHJ and typically consist of stairways, elevators, fire command room etc.

Per NFPA/IFC all active equipment supporting the public safety DAS system must be housed in NEMA-4 compliant enclosures.

Per NFPA/IFC, a minimum signal strength of -95 dBm is required for adequate coverage.

Active equipment that supports the public safety DAS system must be supplied with a battery backup unit which will allow the system to run for 12 hours upon AC power failure.

The NFPA dictates that antenna isolation must be 20 dB higher than the gain of the amplifier.

All active components (repeater, bbu etc) must be placed in a two-hour fire rated room. The donor run/backbone of the system must also maintain a 2hr fire rating from the repeater room to the donor antenna on the roof. All horizontal runs must meet level 1 survivability which requires cables to be routed in a metal raceway.

The system must signal a trouble/supervisory alarm in the event any of the following malfunctions occur.

Donor antenna failure, Repeater/signal-booster failure, Loss of AC power, Battery charger failure, Battery has a low charge (defined as 70% of capacity)