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Public Safety DAS Services

Aspire Communications has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a turnkey solution to ensure your building is code compliant. From project conception to close-out documentation, we are here to help. 

Do you need a Public Safety DAS (PS DAS)? Florida Statute 633.202 now requires all new and existing buildings to be tested, and where signal is deficient, equipped with a PS DAS solution by a specified date. Talk with one of our experts to find out if your building is code compliant.

Our site surveys are performed by qualified Project Managers (PMs) to assess and identify the current signal strength, cable pathways, and ideal locations to place our equipment. This info is used to provide shop drawings and a pre-installation RF assessment.

We can provide a skilled labor force to support you with a seamless installation. Our project leads are educated in code requirements and constructively turn your design on paper into quality installation that passes inspection.

With our design-build capabilities, experienced engineering, and PM team, we work alongside you and your team from start to finish. We act as your liaison with the AHJ to ensure your system will be code compliant, so you don’t have to. 

IFC Section 510.6.1 now requires all systems to be inspected and tested annually with a spectrum analyzer. This is would be completed by Aspire Communications and presented to the Customer and AHJ for approval on a yearly basis. 

Our design team is familiar with all local and national codes which allow us to provide a design that exceeds all requirements. All PS DAS solutions must have shop drawings permitted by the appropriate jurisdiction.

NFPA 72 Section 24.5.5 requires a minimum inbound and outbound signal strength of at least -95dBm. Our team will provide reports prior to installation to identify the needs, and post installation to display the solution. 

Need To Know Info

The Issue, the solution, the history, and the driving force behind the requirement for First Responder communication systems.

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Typical Public Safety Infrastructure

DAS solutions typically fall under 3 main categories, Active, Passive, and Hybrid solutions. Public Safety solutions are typically passive solutions.

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Summary of NFPA Requirements

To properly design and install a code compliant system, you must have a deep understanding of the code requirements. 

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